Name Date of Appointment Type of Governor Term of Office Stepped Down? FGB S&P C&E FSR Governor in other institution? Material interests between governors +/or staff?
Jacqui Sollars 17.03.10 Head Teacher With job   x x
Denis Flavell 01.06.13 Foundation - Edgeworth 4 years 13.04.16 x x
Clare Musgrave 01.09.13 Foundation - Miserden 4 years   x x
Rev Val Thorne 23.09.12 Ex Officio Foundation with job       x x
Sue Gilling Going through paperwork  Foundation - Edgeworth 4 years       x x
Gideon Duberley 06.01.13 Foundation - Miserden 4 years       x x
Samantha Spencer Going through paperwork Foundation - Miserden 4 years       x x
Claire Holder 17.09.13 Parent 4 years     x x
Ed Humphrey 21.11.16 Parent 4 years       x x
Karenna Williams 15.09.16 Staff 2 years       x x
Jenny McLoughlln 01.06.13 Foundation 4 years 08.03.16     x x
Vacancy   Foundation - Edgeworth 4 years              
Vacancy   Foundation - Miserden 4 years              
Vacancy   Local Authority 4 years              
Hannah Kelly   Clerk n/a              

Full Governing Body Attendance Record - 2015/16

15.9.15 10.11.15 26.01.16 08.03.16 17.05.16 28.06.16
Jacqui Sollars x  
Denis Flavell (chair 1) n/a n/a
Clare Musgrave (chair 2)
Rev Val Thorne x x  
Sue Gilling n/a n/a x x  
Gideon Duberley  
Samantha Spencer x x  
Claire Holder x  
Ed Humphrey n/a n/a  
Karenna Williams n/a x x  
Jenny McLoughlin x x n/a n/a n/a
Hannah Kelly  

S&P Attendance Record 2015/16

13.10.15 12.01.16 23.02.16 10.05.16 07.06.16
Jacqui Sollars  
 Denis Flavell (chair 1) x n/a n/a
 Clare Musgrave (chair 2)  
 Gideon Duberley  
 Claire Holder  
 Ed Humphrey n/a n/a n/a  

C&E Attendance Record 2015/16

14.10.15 13.01.16 24.02.16 27.04.16 08.06.16
Jacqui Sollars   
Denis Flavell n/a x n/a n/a
Clare Musgrave (chair)  
Rev Val Thorne  
Samantha Spencer x x x x

FSR Attendance Record 2015/16

21.01.16 14.03.16 12.04.16 28.04.16
Jacqui Sollars  
Denis Flavell (chair 1) x x n/a n/a
Clare Musgrave (chair 2) n/a  
Sue Gilling n/a x  
Claire Holder  
Ed Humphrey (chair 3) n/a  
Karenna Williams ✓ part meeting ✓ part meeting ✓ part meeting  
Jenny McLoughlin x x n/a n/a n/a