Name Date of Appointment Role Type of Governor Term of Office
Mrs Abbi Jellyman 01.09.2022 Executive Head Teacher Acting Head Teacher N/A
Mr Paul Cotsworth 21.07.2021 Chair of Governors Local Authority 4 years
Mrs Claire Holder (Vice Chair) 01.11.2021 Vice Chair, Art & DT, Safeguarding, MH & Wellbeing, SIAMS Foundation 4 years
Rev Val Thorne 23.09.2012 Collective Worship Ex Officio Foundation N/A
Mrs Clare Musgrave 01.04.2022 SEND, Pupil Progress, Maths Foundation 4 years
Mr Nicholas WiIlls 01.03.19 Chair of Finance Committee Foundation 4 years
Mr Matthew Stinchcombe 01.09.2022   Staff Governor 2 years
Hannah McCurdy 01.06.2021   Foundation 4 years
Venetia Robinson 01.06.2021 English Foundation 4 years
Marisa Vaughan 01.10.2022   Parent Governor 4 years
Mark Taylor 01.10.2022   Parent Governor 4 years
Elisabeth Skinner 04.11.2022   LA Appointed 1 year
Vacant     Foundation  

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