Learning is an active process of making meaning that includes questioning, understanding, reflecting and making connections between existing and new information (Barnes and Todd)

At Miserden Primary School we are passionate about creating an exciting and engaging creative curriculum for our children’s academic and personal development.

Miserden School

As a Voluntary Aided Church School, our core values are interwoven into the curriculum and SMSCD and PSHCE is promoted across all areas. We recognise that our individual pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the heart of their overall education and their ability to learn and achieve. We therefore aim to provide all pupils with positive, rewarding experiences through a planned and coherent curriculum that is founded upon our Christian values and our core values of: Service, hope, compassion, truthfulness, justice and forgiveness. We begin our school day with a daily act of collective worship and follow the Gloucester Diocese Syllabus for teaching religious Education. This syllabus is organised into meaningful blocks throughout the academic year, including focus weeks that cover learning about other religions and Christian festivals.


From Reception to Year 6, the children assist teachers in crafting the Key questions and lines of enquiry which directs teaching and learning and promotes opportunities for exploration and investigation. Through imaginative and engaging topics, children further their knowledge and understanding, whilst developing essential key skills which will support life-long learning far beyond the primary years.

We believe that children learn best from collaborative activities, have experiences learned outside the classroom is linked to the learning taking place within it. That is why where possible we contextualise learning so that it is not divorced from the real world.


Through our curriculum we strive to:

Develop skills alongside knowledge and understanding
Raise achievement
Make learning interesting, enjoyable, exciting, relevant and enriching
Promote curiosity, challenge thinking and enable safe 'risk taking'


Each academic year we build 3 whole school topics, founded on the National Curriculum (see National Curriculum Framework and coverage document) and Chris Quigley’s Essential key Skills.

In designing our topics, we identify the key subject/s that will act as a driver for the topic. From there all other subjects are woven into the topic to ensure that the curriculum is broad and balanced. As a team we map out the progression of learning across the year groups for age appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding. We also ensure there is a balance of coverage over the programmes of study over time and across the academic year for all subject areas.

At the start of our topics we build in exciting and creative starter activities that act as ‘hooks’ to engage the children and ignite learning. This can include whole school trips, visitors to our school, ‘dress up’ days and creating different scenarios and activities for children to engage in.

Each term parents are given a copy of the Learning map relevant for their child which will show the Key Questions, skills, knowledge and understanding that will be covered in all subject areas so that they are able to support learning at home in school. These overviews are also published on our website.


More information about our curriculum can be found in our school prospectus where an overview is given per subject. However, if you would like to discuss our curriculum in person please do not hesitate to contact us.