Beanology Workshop with Lizzie Bean

on Monday, 20 September 2021. Posted in Head Teacher

Beanology Workshop with Lizzie Bean

The children had a ‘Beanology’ workshop with Lizzie last week and what a wonderful time they had!

Lizzie designed the workshop to help the children take control of their mental well being. To find ways to help when their world feels hard, and to remind themselves that every day might not feel good, but there is always some good in every day.

The children were asked to bring in three small boxes from home to transform into ‘Feeling Factories’.

The first box was transformed into the ‘Anger Processing Plant.’ Introducing the children to the power of breath, and if they pay attention, they can feel emotions rising and how a good silent scream, the passing of time and a power pose, can help bring them home to peace.

The second box became the ‘Worry Workshop.’ This part for the workshop inspired the children to write their worries down, and revisit them to see if they came true, and if they did, how did they cope? The children learnt that not all worries happen and in time the weight of a worry can change, making them less apparent, and giving us more control over them.

The final box became the ‘Joy Division', a reminder to share our joy too! Lizzie talked about how to inspire the light of joy within ourselves and asked the children to share their light of joy with family and friends so that every day, everyone at home, adds a little light to the pot. The more light, the brighter they can help each other shine.

The younger children created ‘Joy Jars’ and talked about what made them feel happy, where they found joy, what had made them smile and who helps them feel better. All popped in the jar along with magic beans and ‘wonder worms,’ both a part of the potion to remind them of ordinary miracles and the magic of simply being themselves.

To end the day Lizzie gave each child a little magic bean to remind them to be curious, compassionate, honest, and brave and to see the magic in themselves and everyone around them.

Thank you for teaching our children some important life skills Lizzie, it was a truly courageous and empowering day! ❤️