A lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory Garden

on Thursday, 03 June 2021.

A lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory Garden

The children were given a project over the January lockdown, which has proven to be the loveliest keepsake...All the children were given a fabric square to decorate, the theme being 'Lockdown.’ Well, what a wonderful, wonderful response we had! Such lovely creative pictures and words were sent into the school, for Wendy, one of the parents, to sew them all together. As you can see it looks FANTASTIC! In fact, we are so pleased with it, one of our parents, Angela, has kindly offered to print the pattern into a tea towel, with all profits being donated to the school.

This will help raise much needed funds for the school. The Miserden School Friends Association, (MSFA) also organised an Easter Trail through Miserden Park (by kind permission of Nicholas Wills). This proved to be very popular and an impressive £625 was raised. Special thanks to the MSFA, especially Lucia and Aimee for all the work that went into this, to Jon and Laura from Miserden Stores  and Kevin Allin and his team from the Carpenters Arms Pub for selling our trail maps over the two week period.

We have a new ‘Sensory Garden’ at the school. A sensory garden has objects, plants, colours, surfaces and other things that stimulate our senses - touch, sight, scent, taste and hearing.

We would like to give a very special thanks to: -

The MSFA and our parents for making this transformation possible, we could not do it without your help and support. Our parent volunteers, Mark, Robert, Eleanor, Lucia and Belinda. Thank you!

Our headteacher Mrs Lucie Mitchell for donating the artificial turf to cover the concreted area coming soon!  

And to Julie and Steve from Miserden Nursery for donating the compost for our sensory plants.

One parent we would like to personally thank is Hannah, for transforming the area with her vision and sensory learning expertise. Here’s Hannah, in her own words:

“When I heard that the redundant oil tanks were going to be removed, I immediately started thinking about how we could use the space instead. Unfortunately, at a school like Miserden, thinking of things we didn't already have was a challenge! When it was decided that the area would be fenced inside the preschool area, suddenly it became obvious - a sensory area.

I began researching and browsing catalogues to see what sort of resources were available for outdoor sensory spaces. Whilst I was very inspiring to see what was on offer commercially, it soon became clear that our budget might not stretch too much. Luckily Lucia and I were not deterred, and we started brainstorming how we could achieve similar ideas on a smaller scale.

We decided to focus primarily on plants and sensory panels. A trip to the garden centre yielded a variety of plants giving us colours, scents and textures that would interest the children whilst being robust enough to survive little hands.

For our panels, we thought about what would catch attention and feel good to explore with hands. We also set up a sound area with various wind chimes to produce a gentle sound when the wind blows as well as being at a height where the children can play.

With a bit of creativity, a few donated items and lots of donated time from our wonderful parents, we have hopefully created a space that our whole school community can use to relax and unwind.”

Children’s School work - Class Two - Mr Stinchcombe

In Class 2 we are currently reading a book inspired by Russian folklore called The House with Chicken Legs. The children were asked to write a setting description of the house after it had moved itself to a new location.

Flo Y6
Suddenly, the house came to a halt, making Marinka tumble out of her chair. Slowly getting to her feet, Marinka headed to the front porch, excited, she swung the door open. She gazed at the pink-painted sky as the shimmering sun peaked out from the horizon. Marinka heard a gushing waterfall and the birds soft tweeting, as they flew across the gleaming sky.

Maddie Y5
Marinka stepped off the porch and gazed at her surroundings agog. She was back in a woodland but only this time, it was more welcoming. She took in the air; it clung to her skin with a damp sensation. Marinka smelt cherry blossom snaking its way up into her nostrils. Clumps of trees were adorned with emerald-green, pink and white flowers. Butterflies gathered around her, curious of this new being. Where was she? Thailand? No. Poland? No, wait… Japan! Yes. That was it. She recognised the smell of the dampened air and the cherry blossom from the research with her grandmother. Joy began bubbling up inside her.

Lucy Y6
Eventually, the galloping house came to a halt and the drumming of its feet silenced. The faint noise of lapping trickled inside and crickets chirped calmly, and there was uneven but soft whistling like a broken lullaby. Swinging the door open, Marinka gazed out onto swirling waves, her eyes gleaming in the moonlight.

The house swivelled around and took a few steps forward, sinking its feet into the sand. Fireflies buzzed in the breeze and butterflies and moths fluttered through the dense forest. Stars smudged the sky and dappled white light danced on the shore. Even though it was night, the beach was more alive than ever.

Children’s School Work - Class One - Mrs Bartlett

In Class One we have been learning all about fair trade. We have learnt about the journey of bananas, written letters as the banana farmers in Columbia to Pablo the Super banana and designed persuasive posters to highlight the importance of fair trade. 

Children’s School Work - Preschool - Mrs Johnson

This term, Preschool are celebrating nature and spring. We are in the middle of creating a number display from 1 to 10, and so far we have 1 sun, 5, rabbits, 6 frogs and 7 flowers!

A lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory GardenA lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory GardenA lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory GardenA lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory GardenA lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory GardenA lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory GardenA lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory GardenA lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory GardenA lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory GardenA lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory GardenA lockdown keepsake and our new Sensory Garden