Class 2

Archery Tournament

on Monday, 04 June 2018. Posted in Class 2

Report by Flo and Maya

Archery Tournament
On the 21st of May a group of 9 of us (and Andy our coach) competed in an archery competition.

Small Schools Football Tournament

on Thursday, 07 December 2017. Posted in Class 2

Small Schools Football Tournament
Miserden Primary School fought hard to win the Stroud Small Schools Football Tournament.

Healthy Eating

on Thursday, 05 May 2016. Posted in Class 2

Healthy Eating
During our “Le Chocolat” topic the children spent time learning about healthy eating. This involved finding out how much sugar is in their favourite chocolate bars, but also focused on the eatwell plate, which teaches us about nutrition and ensuring that we eat a healthy, balanced diet of food.


on Thursday, 05 May 2016. Posted in Class 2

Children learnt about the history of chocolate, its origins (where it came from), who discovered it and what raw cocoa nibs taste like. This led us to examine fair-trade and the children learnt about its importance in ensuring that farmers received a fairer return for their hard work.

Mayan Mugs

on Thursday, 05 May 2016. Posted in Class 2, Class 1

Mayan Mugs
We learnt about the history of the chocolate drink and how it was first drank by the Mayans (it was a cold, but spicy drink).
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