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on Friday, 17 December 2021. Posted in Admin

Mischief at Miserden School

Dobby the elf

The Staff have come into school this week and Mr Elf and his friends have been up to mischief. 😏 They have tried to stop the staff from getting into the staff room to make a cup of tea! ☕️

Stay safe children, work hard and be helpful at home, but most importantly have fun doing it. x

Read the letter from Dobby

A Poem from Dobby the Elf

There's a small little school, on top of a hill,

That has the biggest of hearts, but seems really still.

The school's not the same, as I wander about,

But the echoes of children are there, without doubt.

It might be a minute, a day or a week,

But we'll beat this together, just like 'hide and seek'.

We'll be home for our Christmases where there's love, where there's light,

Close your eyes and imagine; IMAGINE with all your might...

... that soon we'll be back to 'discovering' and 'enjoying',

And ALL of this mess will be historically annoying!

So our small little school on top of that hill,

Will be waiting to welcome you ALL back with a shrill.


Time to go home, see you next year x

New Resolution Rule for 2022: -
“I will be me, enjoy learning & do my best, believe in myself.”

With love from Mrs Hughes xxx

Dobby the elfDobby the elfDobby the elfDobby the elf