Striving, Learning, Excelling Guided by Faith…

Mission Statement

Miserden Church of England Primary School aims to serve its community by providing education of the highest quality for all pupils. Christian values are at the heart of all we do.

We seek to help each child reach their full potential, respecting difference and offering equality of opportunity free from discrimination on grounds of race, sex, faith, class or disability.

We endeavour to ensure that everything we do is rooted in our Christian values; loving and respecting each other.

Our aim is to give them a firm foundation from which we hope they will grow into responsible members of society, able to approach life’s opportunities with independence and confidence whilst showing care for others.

 We aim to instil in our learners the values of respect and sensitivity, embracing others and the environment.

We believe that for children to reach their full potential they need to be effective learners who are:

Kind and Caring: aware of others’ needs, gentle, thoughtful, polite and forgiving

 Positive: happy, celebrating the good things, believing in themselves and persevering when it’s tough, whilst encouraging others

 Motivated: wanting to learn, wanting to do well

 Confident: believing that they can succeed, not arrogant or timid

Resilient: sticking at things, learning from mistakes, trying again

 Curious: interested, inquisitive, eager to find out

 Creative: imaginative, challenging assumptions, trying new things out

 Reflective: thinking about what they’ve done, asking, ‘why?’ evaluating

 Honest: doing the right things, admitting mistakes, accepting of the truth

 Independent: able to make decisions, with the ability to do things on their own

 Risk-takers: not afraid to have a go, testing, pushing themselves to the limit

 Problem Solvers: knowing what the goal is and finding ways to reach it

Within the happy, safe and secure environment of our school, trust, peace, wisdom and thankfulness will flourish as each child is nurtured in these qualities.



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