Toddler Investigates!

Mother and Toddler Group

A few weeks ago I heard that Miserden C Of E Primary School were starting a Mother and Toddler group – so I told Mummy and my baby sister that we should go and investigate.

Eventually on Wednesday morning Mummy finally got herself ready – all those things she needs to take with her – nappies , wipes , drinks – who knows why ?

Both my baby sister and I were ready to go ages before her – come on Mummy !

The toddler group is held in the massive school hall and after careful inspection I sadly couldn’t find any hazards – but the space to explore was amazing – I also didn’t get really grubby when I took my shoes off and slid along on my bottom Mummy said that was brilliant – as sometimes my bottom is better than a broom for cleaning hall floors!

Mother and Toddler Group

Other small babies arrived with their Mummies and some other Toddlers came too – it was good fun – I got to help with the younger ones and I really enjoyed myself. The babies have a soft space to play on too – my baby sister is learning to sit up so we make sure that we don’t knock them over.

There are hoppy dogs and tunnels with balls, things to do like puzzles , and shaky things to rattle when we sing a song !

There were big pieces of paper for us to draw on together – next week we might draw round each other!

Mother and Toddler Group

We got a tasty snack and the Mummies had a hot drink we had biscuits that we decided we could share with the Mummies.

We looked out of the window and saw the playground that has squiggly patterns that you can run on and a trim trail that Mrs Sollars the Headteacher says on a fine day – if we look after them the Mummies can come outside and try if they hold our hands !!!

We finished with a song I tried to sing really loud to make it hit the roof!

I really had a good time and will take Mummy again next week if she is a good girl!

Miserden has a new friendly, relaxed and safe place to come with babies and toddlers. Held in Miserden C OF E School”s comfortable and clean hall.

Meeting on a Wednesday mornings in term time from 9.30 until 11.30 am for a small donation of £1.50 parents are welcome to enjoy a hot drink and a biscuit. There is also a fruit snack for the children.

During the fine weather children and parents have the opportunity to explore the wonderful outdoor space where it is safe and enjoyable for children and parents.

This group has the benefit of being coordinated by a childcare practitioner.

There is a soft space for smaller babies to explore whilst giving parents the chance to meet others and relax.

Toddlers have the room to play using imagination and there is often time for a song and a story.

We welcome Mums, Dads , Grandparents and carers locally and from the wider community.

Come and try this happy calm group – everyone form all areas welcome.